Some of the Features:

All the words you need! The vocabulary module infuses more than 2000 words from more than 100 different topics into your brain.

Customer feedback:
“While studying French at the University I used BYKI all the time. My classmates ‘complained’ that I had such a large vocabulary, and always was ahead of them. I explained to them that I got it through BYKI.”
Bent K. M.

You actually need fewer grammar rules than you think, but some are very useful. Included are a few grammar videos that teach you the absolute minimum you must know.

Customer feedback:
“Great that that one does not have to memorize German grammar. Your methodology is absolutely more effective.”
Kristin O.

Connect a microphone to your computer practice your pronunciation in private before you try it out on the natives.

Customer feedback:
“I have tried other types of language courses back in my schooldays, but this form of learning is far more effective I think, since I can repeat a word alound over and over until it sticks!”
Jon T.

Fun games like Unscramble, Game Show, and Four Square infuses language into your brain while you play.

Customer feedback:
“Reading and listening at the same time and all the different fun activities make it easier to learn.”
Hanne E.

An iPhone and Android app is included in the course to let you continue language learning on the go.

Customer feedback:
“Definitely the best and most effective language course I have encountered!”
John Peder G.

Learn language with your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone

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