The Answer: With Fun Italian Micro-sessions Throughout the Day
Targeting Your Language Intuition

The secret to Italian fluency is your language intuition

The key to infusing a language into your brain so you can actually speak it, is to train your language intuition. If you spend a lot of time just memorizing Italian grammar rules and stuffing the analytical part of your language brain, you will never become fluent in Italian. Unfortunately, grammar rules is what most teachers in classrooms spend most of the time on. You have to target your language intuition.

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Let me ask you a question: What do you think is most important for learning a new language: 
   learning facts about the language?
      or begin using the language?

One of the most revolutionizing and surprising discoveries by language scientists is that these two are not the same, not even close.

Learning facts about a language – like reading about grammar rules – enables you mostly to talk about … grammar rules! It really does not help you much to speak the language.

When you hear someone speak Italian and want to understand it, it doesn’t matter how many tables of verb endings you have memorized. There is no time to check the verb endings and “look them up” in your mental verb charts – in real time. At a speed of perhaps 100 words per minute this analytical part of your brain is much too slow.

When you use a language actively, like listening, reading, or speaking Italian, you are not using your slow analytical brain-sector but your language intuition – a superfast language processor in your brain. This part of your mind can interpret a language at lightning speed, so that you can understand and speak a language live in real-time.

Just think about a language that you already know, like English. When you use this language (like reading this webpage), do you have to think consciously word for word about verb forms, word order, noun endings, and other grammar rules?

No of course you don’t.

You might happen to know about the rule that plural nouns in English end with an -s, that adverbs end with -ly, and that most past tense verbs receive an -ed ending (like in “received”). But you don’t think consciously about those rules when you read and speak English, because it is a very different part of your brain that can use a language in real time (‘the language intuition’) than the part that understands grammar rules (the ‘analytical’ part of the brain).

This is where so many language teachers and courses go wrong. They overemphasize grammar rules and training the analytical brain sector.


How you train your language intuition to understand Italian

The secret solution according to the research: by reading and listening to large amounts of understandable Italian.

This is how you learned your mother-tongue as a kid, and this is how you must learn Italian if you want to actually understand and speak it. Read large amounts of text in Italian, listen to spoken Italian, do some games and activities where you are ‘forced’ to think in Italian, and so on.

Our Online Italian course is based on this scientific insight and it does exactly this.

Learn language with your PC, Mac and mobile

How Transparent Online Italian trains your language intuition

Our Italian Online course uses this breakthrough discovery. It is light on grammar (just the basics that you need to memorize), and then it trains your language intuition over and over until Italian is infused into your brain.

What our Online course does is let you listen to a lot of spoken Italian while you see the words on the screen and get them translated to English so you can understand them.

When you wish to learn some more about grammar-rules, there are some short videos explaining the most important aspects of Italian grammar, and we email you 50 days of tiny grammar rules to read each day. But most of the time in our course you use Italian rather than studying facts about it.

In addition to reading and listening our Online course has fun games and activities where you have to use the language actively, you are ‘forced’ to think in Italian.

When you are on the go, you use the app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) or tablet (iPad or Android).

What is the secret ‘micro-session’ factor?

Scientists have discovered that that when it comes to language learning frequency is a vital key. 60 minutes of study time spread throughout the day in a number of shorter sessions is a lot more valuable then a single 60 minute session in the evening. Your brain needs to be exposed to Italian several times during the day. Review and repetition infuses Italian into your mind.

So our Online course has been scientifically engineered to make lots of small micro-sessions during the day easy and convenient for you.

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First of all, the content in our online course for your PC or Mac is divided into a large number of tiny 5-minute learning tasks. Your work is always saved and synchronized in the cloud (online), so when you work 5 or 10 minutes on your office laptop during the lunch break, and then come home after work for another quick session, the course keeps track of have far you got and shows you where to continue.

Secondly, while blocking out a single 60 minute session every day can become a challenge ever for the most dedicated language learner, everyone can squeeze in several short 5 minute sessions during the day. When you think about it, your day is full of small pockets of opportunity to do a quick 5 minute Italian game.

Thirdly, with your mobile phone or tablet you can use your BYKI vocabulary app to infuse some more words into your brain while you are away from the computer. Sitting on a bus or train? Waiting for someone or something? It’s time to whip our your phone and do some quick and fun vocabulary.

If you have a printer at home or at the office, you can even print out the vocabulary for the week on one page of paper and go over the Italian words when you have no electronic gadgets around. Paper might be old-fashioned, but it still works to squeeze in some extra Italian.


How Much Time You Need Available

Less than you think! If you have 30 to 60 minutes available for language learning each day you will see very fast progress with your Italian.

You should even split that time into several short 5-10 minute micro-sessions during the day (on the mobile phone or computer). With our fun and quick infusion activities you can always squeeze in the time throughout the day in a way that fits your schedule.

Some screenshots of the micro-session language learning:

Some of the Features:

All the words you need! The vocabulary module infuses more than 2000 words from more than 100 different topics into your brain.

Customer feedback:
“While studying French at the University I used BYKI all the time. My classmates ‘complained’ that I had such a large vocabulary, and always was ahead of them. I explained to them that I got it through BYKI.”
Bent K. M.

You actually need fewer grammar rules than you think, but some are very useful. Included are a few grammar videos that teach you the absolute minimum you must know.

Customer feedback:
“Great that that one does not have to memorize German grammar. Your methodology is absolutely more effective.”
Kristin O.

Connect a microphone to your computer practice your pronunciation in private before you try it out on the natives.

Customer feedback:
“I have tried other types of language courses back in my schooldays, but this form of learning is far more effective I think, since I can repeat a word aloud over and over until it sticks!”
Jon T.

Fun games like Unscramble, Game Show, and Four Square infuses language into your brain while you play.

Customer feedback:
“Reading and listening at the same time and all the different fun activities make it easier to learn.”
Hanne E.

An iPhone and Android app is included in the course to let you continue language learning on the go.

Customer feedback:
“Definitely the best and most effective language course I have encountered!”
John Peder G.

Are you ready? Start your Italian infusion today:

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